About us

We, Infrosoft Technologies Private Limited, are a Consulting and Outsourcing Company, based in Chennai, India. We judge our success through our ability to provide the highest-quality service, as perceived by our customers and providing our personnel with the opportunity for individual development and achievement.


To be a global leader in providing consulting and outsourcing services using technology in education and entertainment.


Our mission is to ensure that all consulting and outsourcing services we undertake will have a positive impact on the future performance of our clients.

  • To provide quality services with an emphasis on customer service based on consultation and communication with the corporate community.
  • To provide inspiring training that motivates individuals to achieve their full potential thereby helping them to achieve their dream goals.

The founder sees the challenge in this vision, not in the growth itself, but in training and encouraging all our personnel to treat each client with the same care and with the same level of communication.

Our services

  • Student Superstars – Dream University: Students’ Talent Management Centres, Student Clubs, Infrosoft Institute of Talent Management, Infrosoft School of Aptitude, Infrosoft School of Student CEOs, Infrosoft Institute of Personality Development.
  • Applications Development: Web Applications Designing and Maintenance, Portals Development and Management
  • Infrosoft HR Factory: Temporary Staffing, Permanent Staffing, Organizational Health Check-up, Talent Management Centres.
  • Infrosoft KPO: Content Manufacturing, SEO
  • Infrosoft Academy: Softskills Enhancement Program, Aptitude Skills Enhancement Program, UPSC Academy, GRE Academy, CAT Academy.

Infrosoft Technologies Pvt Ltd was born out of an aspiration to be a leading consulting company for the corporate and a hand holding guide for employees. It has broad services in Outsourcing and consulting for companies, thereby acts as a liaison between them. Our main focus is to be the most trusted partner for the clients. We do this by enhancing our Outsourcing service and by offering wide Consulting services to the clients by experts.
The services are not off the shelf but customized to meet the business needs and delivered on time and within budget.

Why Infrosoft Technologies?

  • We closely listen to the needs and objectives of our clients and aim at delivering a quality service that should exceed client’s expectations.
  • Based in Chennai, Infrosoft Technologies Private Limited aims at getting the right person with the least turnaround time.
  • Our Consultants are Trained Professionals and bound by both general rules and specific Codes of Conduct. We intend enjoying our work, and hopefully keep us enthusiastic.
  • We organize our services effectively to provide consistent, integrated, value-added solutions to our clients.
  • Our network enables us to carry out recruitment searches that are comprehensive and designed to meet the specific needs of our clients.