Infrosoft School of Student CEOs

Student CEO’s

The outcome of achieving talent excellence is the main goal of the process where students with similar interests come together to realize their dreams by working together and winning together. Every student is unique based on their potential talents and passion. Like quality of education, quality of the job is also equally important. Choosing a career should be based on either natural talents or interest. There is a difference between academic dreams and non-academic dreams. In childhood, pupils can say that they want to become a doctor or an engineer. If they say the same in colleges also, then they must be informed about various career opportunities. Generation Z students should be informed all possible career opportunities. If students join in job where they can use their domain knowledge, it is called as academic dream. If they would to work in a domain which is not related to their curriculum, it is called as non-academic dream. We do not need to ask the question, how many of them want to become a CEO. Almost all of them want to become an entrepreneur. They want to become but they believe that they can’t achieve it. They are habituated to equip their skills to become an employee, not an employer. In colleges also, everybody talks about employability skills, not employing ability skills. This study is creating student entrepreneurs at educational institutions through talent management practices. To create and to establish any brand, entrepreneurs need minimum of 3 to 4 years of time. If they immediately start a company after their graduation, they will not be recruited afterwards in companies for having entrepreneurial mindset. In case they start a company after some years of industrial experience, they will be having dependents and they should have minimum amount for family expenses. If the students became as successful entrepreneurs, they have the possibilities to provide job opportunities for their own class mates. Dream jobs should be decided based on choices not based on chances. Industrial requirements are jobs, not dream jobs. This generation Z students have clarity about what they want to do. They should be directed to take up their passion as their career roles. If they have the interest and willingness to work, they can acquire the skills required to perform the job. Graduate education allows distinct methods of imparting specific skills to the students. It allows students to create competency profile of their expected career and develop as an upright mature deep in thought professional. There are few questions which can be raised, what are the basic competencies required to be a successful CEOs? What are the opportunities to grow the entrepreneurial competences in College life? Today the answer relies not only on basic curriculum but also on critical thinking, reasoning, and problem solving, and working on real location. To integrate the knowledge and experience in the courses of engineering reinforcing the mentor role of the teacher, designing evaluation criteria different for the course and experiencing and identifying the improvement of competences during the learning process.