Infrosoft School of Talent Management

Talent Management is integrated functions of Human Resource Management. Talent Management refers to attracting, developing, motivating and retaining efficient employees in an organization. HR Professionals manage talents of employees to enhance performance for organizational effectiveness. The responsibility of educational institutions is not only to provide quality education but also to create career opportunities for the students. There were hundreds of researches have already done for managing talents of employees. There was not any research done so far for managing talents of students at college level. The study focused on to examine the effect of talent management projects on student’s journey to become a successful entrepreneur. It is useful for students, teachers, parents, and members of academic councils to understand talent management practices for generation Z students. Competencies required to become a student CEO have been discussed in detail based on survey conducted among the generation Z students who are interested to become student entrepreneurs. For students those who want to become entrepreneurs need certain behavioural and technical skills required such as people management, decision making skills, confidence, creative thinking, knowledge-seeking, relationship-building, risk taking, and disaster management. Everybody dreams for their ambitions. Each generation Z student has different talents. The study provides awareness to students about industrial expectations such as competencies, talents, and behavioural skills.

Competency Development

It is essential to identify the basic competencies for improvement of students to become a skilled performer in their way to become entrepreneurs. In late 90, there was lack of opportunities for real problem analysis and solving, and then the need of competencies is felt. As employability skills are essential to get, to be successful a job and to get a new job, the employing-ability skills are mandatory for any student who would like to become a student CEO. It is important for the students to get clarity about the existing skills and skills to be acquired to be a successful entrepreneur.  Once the potential competencies of students starts budding from its roots to a semi-professional level, there is a need of competitive environment which provides them a platform to showcase talents, whether it is a painting competition or something involving technical skills for a hacker or programmer, hence developing potential competencies but also keeping norms to avoid demoralization due to not winning. Whatever talent students possess, the talent manager’s job is to inspire the students to participate in such entrepreneurship competitions where they showcase their natural abilities to become an entrepreneur. There is a dire need to create and organize such projects and motivate students to take part in them where they are grouped with people with similar interests. By this, they will learn new ideas to implement and team skills will be a top priority. This involves group discussions and organizing case study sessions for students where they use their knowledge to come up with diverse solutions to a given scenario. The table below shows some potential competencies can be developed. The development potential indicates how easily or more difficult one can develop competencies to become a student entrepreneur