Infrosoft Academy

Infrosoft Academy’s ‘CATALYST’ aims to make every student an employer’s ‘ideal choice’. ‘CATALYST’ offers a wide basket of training services to students that would meet the requirements individually and thereby fully mould them to build a bright future. With the narrowing job market and employers focusing on candidates beyond subject knowledge, it is important for every student to have a holistic personality. Our leading trainers with varied experience will fully equip the students to step into the corporate world.

The program covers two modules:

  • Campus Placement Training
  • Personality Development Training

Campus Placement Training

The objective of this course is to provide students with a quality training that will allow them to find employment. We constantly work to provide the skills that are needed to be competitive in the current workforce. All students aspire to obtain successful and rewarding campus placements. How the students fare in the campus placement interviews depends on how well they are able to internalize the personality development techniques. If they internalize the techniques meticulously, they have a good chance of getting great placements.

This module covers the following areas:

  • Resume Preparation
  • Group Discussion Handling
  • Interview Handling